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~ A Worship Ministry of Chapel of the Holy Spirit ~

Welcome to CHS, Trumpet's Call Ministry. My name is Brandon and allow me to introduce to you this dynamic ministry in brief.

Who Are We?

We are called Trumpet's Call Ministry or TCM in short. TCM on the whole consists of 6 sub-ministries under her umbrella:

Worship Leaders, Musicians, Vocalists, Sound, Projection (Visuals) and TCM Youth, which is under Point Community - CHS Youth Ministry.

Under each sub-ministries are key leaders which forms up the Core Committee, of TCM.

  • Matthew Ang - TCM Projection (Visuals)
  • Gina Lee - TCM Secretary
  • Stephen Yew - TCM Sound & TCM Youth
  • Brandon Teo - TCM Head (Worship Leaders/Musicians/Vocals)
  • Melvin Gan - Prayer and Intercession

Currently, we have on board 44 confirmed TCMers serving faithfully in TCM in both the Sunday English Main Service and the Sunday Youth Fellowship.

Also in the pipeline, we have 5 under training and 2 under probation from the English Main Service and Youth Fellowship and we are constantly on the look out for those who have a desire to serve in TCM.

Our Vision; Our Mission

In TCM, we believe that a vision is important as it gives us a focal point, a sense of ownership, direction and purpose on what God has intended for us as a ministry to undertake.

"Where there is no vision, the people perish." ~Prob 29:18~

Trumpet’s Call Ministry (TCM) exists to be a TRUMPET that God will mold and shape; through the refining and purification of our lives (individually and corporately) in order that we might be an instrument of power used by God to call, gather and direct the congregation to worship and journey with Him into a deeper understanding and experience of who He is.

The Story Behind The Trumpet

The vision of TCM was birth from Numbers 10: 1-11 when God instructed Moses to make 2 silver trumpets.

As we are to be God's TRUMPET, it is therefore vital to understand what is it used for; its purpose and how it was made.

What is it used for; its purpose?

Throughout scriptures, the trumpet was used for many purposes like the calling, directing and gathering of the people of Israel.

It also serves as a warning or alarm; used in praise and celebration; in warfare; as a signal to unify together and in worship unto the Lord.

How was it made?

We see great spiritual significance as we look at how the trumpets were made.

Firstly, silver speaks of redemption. Thus our lives must display a lifestyle that is worthy of the redemption work that Jesus paid on the cross. ~Col 3: 1-10~

Next, the silver has to be refined and purified by fire to remove all impurities. This speaks of the removal of sins and areas that doesn't glorify God in our lives; through fire. ~Psa 66: 10~. This again speaks of pruning.

Finally, the silver has to be hammered, beaten and formed into shape; as one whole piece, without breaking. This speaks of God's molding process in our lives as we grow each day with Him. ~Jer 18: 6~

The making the trumpet (that is our lives, for this case) is going to be trying at times, but we know that He works for the good to those who love Him.

The end product; a mighty instrument ready for His use - His Trumpet!

So for those who have the heart and talent to serve in TCM as either a worship leader, musician, sound crew, projectionist or vocalist, please contact Brandon Teo at +65-9786-4090 (H/P) or email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. , expressing your area of interest.


TCM Activities Page

Beginners Guitar Course I led and taught by our dear brother Liwei.


Trumpeters News Blast!!!

A) TCM Family News

1) TCM Resource Cupboard is up and ready for anyone in TCM who wishes to borrow CDs or DVDs. Our dear Triffny Boon is spearheading this. For more information, please contact her.

2) Conformation of the following personals in TCM w.e.f Q1/2009: Sophia Lim (Vocalist), Anderson Teo (Guitarist), Eric Quek (Sound), Janice Kuek (Vocalist), Kua Liwei (Projectionist).

3) Confirmation of the following personals into TCM w.e.f Q3/2009: Jaron Tay (Sound), Carissa Fan (Worship Leader), Koh Yang Jun (Keyboardist) and Daniel Lim (Drummer). Welcome on board TCM as a TCMers!

B) TCM Upcoming Programs

(Look out for more details)


“The call to serve in God’s worship ministry is not the right for the talented but the privilege extended to the committed.”