SCHOOL CHAPLAINCY (2017 onwards)

St Andrew's Secondary School is a mission school.  Besides meeting educational needs of the students, there is also the task of providing spiritual needs.  And this task is in the hands of Chapel of the Holy Spirit.

The current chaplaincy team comprise of :

Chaplain        : Rev Michael Teh

Asst Chaplain : Rev Joseph You

Chaplain Asst : Mr Nelson Lee (wef 3rd Jan 2017)

Boys' Brigade : Mr Daren Hoon


The chaplaincy work encompasses the following:

  • Weekly Morning Devotion during the assembly.
  • Weekly Chapel lessons for every class.
  • Saints Aflame Week (usually prelude to Good Friday)
  • Saints Aflame Camp (special camp as a follow-up of the Saints Aflame Week)
  • Chaplains' Hour (1st Wednesday of each new term)
  • Principals' & Chaplains' Lunch (Started in 2007 with every class. In 2008, only Sec 1s + graduating classes)
  • Founder's Day
  • Graduation Service
  • Prefects Commendation Service
  • Christian teachers contact time
  • Adhoc prayers for students
  • Others

We are thankful to God for members from the SAV Parents' Prayer Group who assisted us during the Chaplains' Lunch.