Sun 7th Jan (HC)   : Ps Mike (Vision Sunday I)

Sun 15th Jan         : Ps Mike (Vision Sunday II)

Sun 22nd Jan (HC) : Ps Ben Lee

Sun 29th Jan          : Ps Joe



Sun 4th Feb (HC)   : Ps Mike

Sun 11th Feb         : Ps Gary Chng

Sun 18th Feb (HC) : Ps Joshua Raj

Sun 25th Feb         : Ps Gary Chng



Sun 4th Mar (HC)  : Ps Mike

Sun 11th Mar        : Ps Ti Lian Swan (Women Sunday)

Sun 18th Mar        : Mr Glen Ong (BB Enrolment Svc)

Sun 25th Mar        : Ps Mike (AGM Sunday)

Fri 30th Mar          : Good Friday Service (10.30 am) - Ps Mike



Sun 1st Apr           : Ps Gary (Resurrection Sunday + Baptism)

Sun 8th Apr (HC)   : Ps Ben Lee (new)

Sun 15th Apr         : Ps Gary

Sun 22nd Apr (HC) : Ps Mike + Youth Service at SAJC LT

Sun 29th Apr         : Rev Dr Timothy Chong (Dean of Indonesia)



Sun 6th May (HC)   : Dr Chan Shaw Yan (Parents' Day)

Sun 13th May         : Ps Gary

Sun 20th May (HC) : Bro Liew Heng San 

Sun 27th May         : Ps Mike + Youth Service



Sun 3rd Jun (HC) : Bro Joseph Chean (Ps Mike in Tg Pinang)

Sun 10th Jun       : Ps Gary

Sun 17th Jun(HC) : Ps Mike 

Sun 24th Jun        : Ps Mike



Sun 1st Jul (HC)   : Ps Joseph You (Youth Sunday) (Ps Mike in Tg Pinang)

Sun 8th Jul          : Ps Mike

Sun 15th Jul (HC) : Ps Gary

Sun 22nd Jul        : Ps Mike

Sun 29th Jul         : To be confirmed (Ps Mike on leave)



Sun 5th Aug (HC)   : Ps Gary   (Ps Mike on leave)

Sun 12th Aug         : Rev Peter Manimuthu (SEA Sunday)

Sun 19th Aug (HC) : Ps Mike 

Sun 26th Aug         : Ps Mike



Sun 2nd Sep (HC)  : Ps Mike

Sun 9th Sep          : Ps Mike

Sun 16th Sep (HC) : Bishop Kuan (Confirmation Sunday-E)

Sun 23rd Sep        :  Ps Gary 

Sun 30th Sep        : 



Sun 7th Oct (HC)  : Ps Gary (Ps Mike in Tg Pinang RAC)

Sun 14th Oct        : Ps Mike 

Sun 21st Oct (HC) : Ps Mike

Sun 28th Oct        : Ps Gary (Baptism?)



Sun 4th Nov (HC)   : To be confirmed (Children Sunday)

Sun 11th Nov         : 

Sun 18th Nov (HC) : 

Sun 25th Nov         :  (Missions Sunday)



Sun 2nd Dec (HC) : Ps Gary

Sun 9th Dec          : (Ps Richard Ting?) (Evergreen Sunday?)

Sun 16th Dec        : 

Sun 23rd Dec        :

Tue 25th Dec         :  Christmas Service

Sun 30th Dec        :  Thanksgiving Sunday (By CGs)