Tue 17th Oct  - Mission Conference (7 pm @ Cathedral) (No staff meeting)

Wed 18th Oct - Mission Conference (Full day @ Cathedral)

Thu 19th Oct -  Mission Conference (7 pm @ Cathedral)

Fri 20th Oct  -  

Sat 21st Oct -  

Sun 22nd Oc -  Svc - Ps Wilfred Joseph + Baptism Class (4th Session)

Mon 23rd Oct - Office Closed

Tue 24th Oct -   

Wed 25th Oct -  

Thu 26th Oct -  

Fri 27th Oct  -   (Ps Mike on ACROSS medical mission)

Sat 28th Oct -   (Ps Mike on ACROSS medical mission)

Sun 29th Oct -  Ps Ben Lee (Ps Joe on leave and Ps Mike on Medical Mission)

Mon 30th Oct -  Office Closed (Ps Mike on ACROSS medical mission)

Tue 31st Oct -  


Wed 1st Nov -  [Ps Mike on leave] (No CHS Prayer)  All encouraged to attend the Diocesan Day of Prayer & Fast at Cathedral on Sat 4th Nov.

Thu 2nd Nov -  [Ps Mike on leave]

Fri 3rd Nov   -  [Ps Mike on leave]

Sat 4th Nov  -  DIOCESAN DAY OF PRAYER & FAST (9.00 am - 12 noon)

Sun 5th Nov -   CHILDREN SUNDAY : Ps Julie Hiramine + Children Carnival in the afternoon

Mon 6th Nov -  Office Closed

Tue 7th Nov  -  Chaplaincy Planning @ 2 pm + Ldrs Planning Group Mtg @ 7 pm

Wed 8th Nov - 

Thu 9th Nov -  RESIDENTIAL SYNOD from 3 pm [Clergy + Synod Reps]

Fri 10th Nov -  RESIDENTIAL SYNOD (full day) [Clergy + Synod Reps]

Sat 11th Nov - RESIDENTIAL SYNOD (up till 12 nn) [Clergy + Synod Reps] + YA Talk

Sun 12th Nov - MISSIONS SUNDAY : Ps Mike + Baptism

Mon 13th Nov - Office Closed

Tue 14th Nov  - 

Wed 15th Nov - [Vicar attend RAC Board Mtg in Tg Pinang]

Thu 16th Nov -

Fri 17th Nov  -  Hall CF @ 6 pm at CHS

Sat 18th Nov -  TCM Retreat @ CHS + [Vicar preaching at St John's Chapel] 

Sun 19th Nov - SVC(HC) : Ps Joe + [Vicar preaching at St John's Chapel]

Mon 20th Nov -  Office Closed

Tue 21st Nov  -  

Wed 22nd Nov -

Thu 23rd Nov -

Fri 24th Nov  -

Sat 25th Nov - 

Sun 26th Nov -  SVC : Dr Luke Yik

Mon 27th Nov -

Tue 28th Nov  - 

Wed 29th Nov - 

Thu 30th Nov  - SAV Strategic/Ops Mtg + B.O.G. Mtg